O Maxi!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Clutch: Satya Paul, Shoes: Pratinava

While the photographer asks me to pose like a teapot at seven o’ clock in the morning, The aroma from the patisserie right in front of me is making me want to leave everything right away and stuff my face with some delicious cupcakes and freshly brewed coffee. I then, talk to myself in my mind and make myself understand that I am already 6 Kgs up my average weight and how I need to stop thinking of food all the time.

I persuaded myself not to cross the road, 10 minutes later, I took a quick break between the shoot, stuffed my already bloated face and came back all happy to complete the rest of the shoot.

I wore this dress last week for a friend’s birthday get-together. I love maxi dresses; they make me feel extremely comfortable. It’s almost like I am in my PJs. This one has the right amount of peek-a-boo and the right amount of shimmer to be worn at a get-together! The Clutch bag goes well with Indian wear conjointly, My mom got it for my trousseau two years back.



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