black is black


A-line skirt (worn as a dress): AND,  Jacket: Vero Moda marquee by Karan Johar, Brooches: Accessorize, Necklace: Forever21, Shoes: Zara

There is so much happening around with all the shifting back to Delhi bit. Doing up the new house, Taking care of all that husband needs. It’s almost like a roller coaster. Chennai, on the other hand, was so relaxed, there wasn’t much to do there. But I love Delhi, its home, and no one can change that!

Regardless, the black dress you see in the pictures is not a dress; It’s an a-line skirt! I was on a Holiday to Italy this year and wanted to travel light so I could shop there and fill my bag with new stuff, since I was traveling light, I took pieces from my wardrobe which could be worn in more than just one way. This skirt was one of them. I love how I can wear it both ways. I paired it up with a blazer just to make it a little dressy. Since a pop of color never harms, I wore Zara color block heels and finished it off with a minimalistic necklace and brooch, adding a little bit of detail.

Would love to know what you think about this look in the comments section below. You could also mail me at


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