Happy 2017!


Dress: Zara, Shoes: Hush Puppies, Scarf: Vero Moda, Watch: GC, Earrings: Amrapali, On my lips: Crayon Pour Les lèvres by Inglot in no.24

It’s going to be a new year in less than four days! 2016 was fantastic for me, and I hope 2017 to be even better!

It’s that time of the year when all of us go crazy shopping for embellished and sequin dresses. The clubs, cafes & lounges are jam packed with people, and this is the story of every new year’s eve. As much as I love going out and the festivity, this year I want to have a cosy get-together with my loved ones at home, Sipping on some fine wine with olives and cheese.

And so, I am deciding on this outfit because it seems to be perfect for a cosy evening at home with friends and family, away from all the glam and glitter for once.

This dress is super casual and extremely comfortable, I instantly fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because this silhouette is hard to find and should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe because of its ability to flatter almost all body types.
Also, It’s a mix of wool & polyester which makes it perfect for Delhi winters. Paired it up with tall boots & a raspberry pink woven infinity scarf to keep me further warm.

Would love for you to tell me your style this new year’s eve.

Wish you all a very very Happy New year! Hope, wish & pray that 2017 is nothing less than fabulous for each one of you.






cobalt blue pop


Culottes: Zara, Blazer: Vero Moda, Top: Zara, Ballerina: Singapore, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Monday morning was a pleasant one, today.

I was sitting on my swing chair, sipping on my hot chocolate, Looking outside my apartment, at kids, middle-aged men and women walking.
Right then I got my eyes on a child with his nanny who I am guessing was out on a walk. He must be around three years old, as he walks past, I realise, he has trouble walking. He walks five steps and falls, get’s up and walks five more steps and falls, again gets up and falls after five steps yet again, and this is how he is walking throughout without a tear, without asking his nanny to hold him in her arms, and without holding her finger.

Made me realise how adults need to learn from the kids.
As we grow up, we perceive that failure tends to be more public than success and start fretting it.

I am sure, the kid that I saw this morning would be able to overcome his challenge of not being able to walk and might just win races one day. The fact that he was trying his best to overcome his failure with a smile says enough. Like Janet Fitch once said, “The phoenix must burn to emerge”.

Pardon me if I made you feel like you are reading a paragraph from a self-help/inspirational book, but this morning episode was on my mind, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Let’s talk trend, When the runways had culottes all over, I thought they are going to be more of a fad than a staple. But then the store shelves were full of them making me realise that they have a staying power and will surely stick around for a few seasons. Since then I have had casual knits to evening alternatives.

This one is from Zara’s new winter collection. Keeps you warm and stylish both, which is rare for me because I am freezing all the time and end up wearing ten layers during winters, mostly.
Paired it up with a gorgeous cobalt blue blazer for contrast.

Have an inspirational week ahead, full of love, kindness and positivity!


Wrap it up!


Skirt: thelabellife.com, Tank top: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: Forever21

I am writing this post sitting in the car while we drive from Delhi to Chandigarh for an extremely close friends wedding reception who got married at a court in Chandigarh 3 days back. Wondering why I am mentioning this? It’s because I have been thinking of how conventional weddings are here in India and how I dislike the fact that they are the way they are for us, Indians. Thankfully, this one is the most unconventional celebration I have ever been to, and I am super happy that the mindset is changing. I can keep writing and would love to give you all the details, but that is for later.

For now, I need you to know about this breezy wine wrap skirt; I am totally crushing on.

Wrap skirts were my favourite even as a kid; I remember my mum buying me a few of them, and now they are back again being one of the biggest and the most flattering skirt trends this year. They are an absolute closet essential this season if you love skirts.

This one looks wonderfully demure with the cute bow detail. The silhouette, colour, detailing, everything is just perfect for a long wrap skirt. I paired it with a fitted tank tucked in for a casual day out, You could add a shrug and a statement necklace to make it a little dressy for a dinner date or could pair it with a plain chiffon sheer shirt for a formal meeting.





Pants: Zara, Top: Zara, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Aldo

Black is something that defines my mood. When I am not in a mood to think about what to wear, I wear black. 

I was out for a brunch date with my sister and just wanted to keep it casual and so I ended up pairing this cold shoulder top with dark beige pants from last year. 

The cold shoulder look is a great way of revealing some skin without showing too much. Sarah Rutson, In the fall 2016 trend meeting said, ‘The shoulder is the only part of a woman’s body that does not age’. Now that makes it a trend for all age groups! Somehow, I sense that this trend will be around for the next few seasons and I hope it sticks around, It gives you the Caribbean feel of being on vacation and who doesn’t want that?  

The necklace was gifted to me by my maternal grandmother more than a decade ago and because its dainty, fuss-free and of a high sentimental value it’s still one of my favourites. 

Have a great weekend!