Jumpsuit story


Jumpsuit: H&M, Blazer: Forever21, Ballerinas: Singapore, Watch: GC

It’s a Sunday, and this one won’t be in bed. I am in a bit of a rush because I have to leave for a lunch get-together at a friend’s place. It’s a bit of a formal occasion, and I am considering wearing a jumpsuit which made me realise that I should write this post right away because it has been long overdue.

Jumpsuits make a great option for when you are attending formal occasions and look as polished and as beautiful as a dress, I bought a few versions of it, from long and sleek ones to the flared and cropped ones because they are a sure shot and an easy route to chic.

This one is backless, which makes it perfect for the daytime as well as the evenings. I paired it up with a minimalistic black blazer and added a bit of bling with the ballerinas; You could also add a belt to give a dimension to it.

Like Dresses, Jumpsuits come in many styles, so a part of pulling off this look is about finding the correct style for yourself. This is a casual one; I also feel that the ones that are a little fitted on the waist are more flattering.
I might just do another post on jumpsuits soon because I love them a little too much.

Have a superb Sunday, girls!



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