Powder pink!


Dress: H&M, Blazer: Vero Moda, Necklace: Forever21, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It’s been a while since I got down to writing a post. Just realised that I missed it quite a bit.
I was busy attending event’s & show’s last month and sadly couldn’t find time to write one. That reminds me that I have to tell you about one of the events I was a part of, but I’ll do it in the next post.

Did I tell you all that I am going for a Holiday soon? Did I? Did I? It is scorching in Delhi and this holiday is going to be a perfect escape, not that I am going to a cold place, but undoubtedly better! Also, I am yet to apply for my visa which is making me a bit anxious about getting it on time. Husband is always out of the city which leaves me with no option but to wait for him to get back so that we can go and apply for it together. But I am so stoked & hope that we would be able to make it considering all our bookings are made, and everything has been paid for already. Fingers crossed!

Talking about Delhi heat reminds me of last week when I went shopping for a friends wedding and got fried because we were at Shahpurjat in the afternoon and had to check every lane and by-lane for her trousseau, which made me fall sick for three days after the trip. Until this year, I loved summer! But not anymore.

Coming to the point,
I have been loving pastels recently & everything in powdery hue has been getting all my attention because it’s soothing to the eye and it’s all that I need in this heat. Because of which, I have been trying to create a wardrobe that includes cream shades of pink, blue, mint & yellow.
A lot of girls think that pastel coloured fashion finds and candy-whipped hues automatically translate to a girly girl. Well, hello! I am here to debunk that myth for you. There is a calculated cool way of wearing parma violets, powder blues and sorbet lemons, that draw the line between feminine and sharp.
Here’s a tip: with any pastel piece, striking a colour balance with a neutral piece is the key.

You must know that the pastels aren’t just restricted to outwear, there is beautiful lingerie & cute bralettes if you want to play the subtle peek-a-boo. They look soft & delicate, and you’ve got a wide variety of colours to choose, from blush pink, pale yellow, nectarine orange, sweet sorbets, lavender to mint green and sky blue.

Forever new, H&M and Zara are full of pastels on their shelves, get yourself an outfit or two if you haven’t yet.