Rain, Rakhi & Rant!


Outfit: Mint Blush Designs, Shoes: Needledust, Jewelry: Amrapali, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring!
I love rain, but only from the inside of my room. Certainly not one of those who would want to move out when it rains because of the crazy traffic that comes with it, and the beautifully crafted pot holes full of muddy water. Also, how can I not tell you my biggest problem with rain? It’s how my hair reacts to it. Remember Monica from friends? Remember the episode where they go to Barbados, and she ends up explaining everyone how humidity gives her hair a ”little extra body”? That’s me. Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Yeah yeah.

Coming to the point, I thought of doing a post for Rakhi even though I don’t remember celebrating it as such. I do not have a real brother, but I do have a sister who is no less than a brother, mother, grandmother & great grand mother. Nevertheless, my daddy darling made it a point that we never felt left out on the Rakhi day and tied him a rakhi. And so just to be in that spirit, both of us make it a point to tie him a Rakhi every year. After all, he is our hero & has protected us and stood by us like a rock always.

Yesterday, while looking through my window and sipping on my ever favourite cardamom tea, I called up my mom to catch up on daily updates from her. We chatted for a bit, and after 5 minutes I started ranting about how nothing fits me and that I have nothing to wear to my extremely close friend’s engagement that’s coming up in a few days. Out of the entire conversation and my 15-minuteĀ rant, all she had caught on was how his engagement day is clashing with Rakhi. And I sarcastically told her how I have a huge number of brothers and how difficult would it be for me to manage both the things on one day. Mothers can be funny at times, but we love them and adore them anyway.

Without further ado, I need you to know about this super cool store I found in the tiny bylanes of Shahpur Jat called mint blush; it’s got everything you would want to wear this Rakhi, from Indian to Indo-western to quirky westerns. I saw this outfit the first thing while entering the store, and ended up buying it because of the cut and the detail. It fits me like a glove (considering, I love my breathing space). Like it was tailor made just for me, this one was a sample piece, but since it fit me so well, I ended up buying the sample itself. Also, I have a thing for the lining, stitch & finish, it has to be fantastic, I am kind of finicky that way and all of it was just on point.

For all you girls who are looking to buy a new outfit this Rakhi, you can thank me later!

The price range is anywhere between 12K to 40K.
Few of their designs are also available on http://www.perniaspopupshop.com

Have a fab week you all.